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The Cloud?
So, what is the cloud? Cloud services essentially mean that instead of having an application that you utilize located on a server or pc at your office, you utilize the same application hosted by a provider out on the internet. The easiest example of a cloud based service is email. Gmail,, and Yahoo mail are all examples of utilizing cloud services for mail. You access these programs through your browser or email program but the back end servers running the programs are hosted by the providing companies.

Another example could be your industry specific software or line of business (LOB) software. For example, a dental office uses ABC program for its practice management software. Traditionally, that program is installed on a server located at their office. Utilizing ABC Programs cloud service, would mean that the ABC program is hosted by the provider and your data lives on the servers at their office. You then access the software at their office through the necessary means that work for the program.

One last common example we see companies use today, cloud based file server or file storage. Instead of your data files (Word, Excel, etc.) living on a file server located at your office, your data lives on the file servers of providing companies. You then utilize a sync tool installed on your system or a web interface to access and work on your files.

Cloud Solutions

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