Office 365



Microsoft’s Office 365 is an umbrella that has different service packages available for your choice. Of course choosing the right package ultimately depends on the needs of your organization and goals you are trying to accomplish.

Office 365 And Microsoft Office

We have experience and work with a majority of the tools or services offered in this suite of products.  We are confident we can assist you through the selection process and match your organization with the right service level.

The main feature our clients utilize with Microsoft Office 365 is the Microsoft Hosted Exchange.  We performed our first email migration to Microsoft’s Office 365 Hosted Exchange back in 2012 and it was a little rough.  Since then, we have performed many migrations and have built a solid process that has virtually no mail flow disruption and minimizes user disruption.  We are confident in our ability to migrate your email to the cloud.

But, the first step is determining if a cloud based email solution is right for your organization.  We can certainly help through the decision making process.


We provide computer ongoing support for your IT needs. Contact us regarding any questions you may have for us.